Anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, how big is you cock? Both length and girth?

asianwomenforwhitemen answered:

Like all asian guys I have a tiny rick cock, but mine is actually smaller than average. I’m exactly 4 inches in length and slightly under 4 inches of girth. Truly worthless asian cock. The small dick asian guy steortype is the most accurate steortype in the world



smallpenisasian asked:

As an Asian addicted to small penis humiliation and femdom/hotwife, how should I go about finding myself a gf or wife that will cuck me and tease me about my 4 inches? Any channel or tips? (I am a 25yo Asian living in California, in shape and good looking, having a career envied by >95% of the population)

asianhotwifemina answered:

I think just wait until you get married and it will happen naturally. :) Just kidding! Try dating domme women….

Thanks :)